Official Selection - International 2021

Welcome to the 13th. Edition of SAMA International Film Festival                     Stockholm Sweden 07 - 09 October 2022

When the Moon was Full, Feature Film

Director: Narges Abyar

(2019) 137 min

Country: Iran

I will wait, short film

Director: Mohammad Sherwani

(2020) 11 min

Country: Kurdistan-Iran

The Face of Violence, Documentary

Director: Esra Açıkgöz / Kenan Özer

(2020) 52:05 min

Country: Turkey

Clorless Dream, feature film

Director: Ayub Shahobiddinov

(2020) 75 min

Country: Uzbekistan

Mullah's Daughter, Documentary

Director: Hassan Solhjou and Mahdieh Sadat Mirhabibi

(2020) 75 min

Country: Iran

The Crying of Tanbur, short film

Director: Anisa Sabiri

(2019) 25 min

Country: Tajikistan

The Songs We Sing, The Drums We Beat, documentary

Director: Kombong Darang

(2021) 28:53 min

Country: India

The Term, animation

Directors: Bernard Herrera, Dalí Sánchez and Marco Flores

(2021) 3 min

Country: Mexico

The Chimney Swift, animation

Directors: Frédéric Schuld, 

(2021) 05:00 min

Country: Germany

This Side, Other Side, , animation

Directors: Lida Fazli

(2020) 8:51 min

Country: Iran

Balconies in times of covid, animation

Directors: Juan Restrepo, animation

(2020) 2:17 min

Country: Colombia

Our Lady of the Nile, Feature Film 

Directors: Atiq Rahimi

(2019) 93 min

Country: France

White Night, animation

Directors: Issam Taachit, 

(2021) 07:12 min

Country: Algeria

Water Boy, Feature Film

Directors: Fayzullo Fayz

(2020) 93 min

Country: Tajikistan