Submit Films 2023

Welcome to the 14th. Edition of SAMA International Film Festival     Stockholm Sweden 15 - 17 September- 2023

Submit Films
Deadline for submission is May 31 - 2023

The 14th Festival is a competition event and the winners will receive the Festival’s Statue. A jury comprising domestic and international filmmakers and critics shall judge the films in two national and international sections. In the National Films Section, the Festival Statues and other prizes shall be awarded to the best fiction and feature film, best documentary and best animation, In the International Film Section, the Festival Statue shall be awarded to the best feature film, best documentary, best short film and best animation.


  • All genres – short fiction/fiction feature, non-fiction, animation, experimental and student films – are welcome.
  • For entry In World Cinema section there’s no limitation, the festival is open to everyone regardless of budget and experience. We consider the films submitted for each category for all individual categories. In this section, SAMAIFF’s aim is to discover new talent, films, and filmmakers with potential, and to recognize the collaborative work this art form is funded on.
  • SAMAIFF is a juried competition, works will be considered for competition only if they were completed after January 1, 2019.


  • Participants may send multiple entries, but separate forms are required for each entry.

         Films made in languages other than English are required to be subtitled in English and will not

         be accepted for pre-selection process without subtitles in English.


  • All required permissions from copyright holders should be acquired before entering the work into the SAMA’s International Film Festival and copies of the permissions shared with us.
  • If a film is selected, the copyright holders of the film should permit free-of-cost public screenings at the festival and at any related events.
  • Please specify if we have permission for your film to be a part of the traveling packages.

         All image formats and aspect ratios will be accepted. The sound requirement of our festival venue is             that it be mono mixed on two channels


Please send your film in a high resolution file/Blu Ray or downloadable link at this stage. All DVDs/.mov files will not be returned. All DVDs/mov files/Blu Ray will be part of the HIWFF archive, to be kept in the HIWFF Resource Centre, for non-commercial screenings and viewing for academic purposes.


         The deadline for submitting the films to the Festival Secretariat is May 31st. 2023.

  1. Participants may send in their films directly by post, email or by sending their URL to the Secretariat at the addresses below.
  2. The films shall be submitted in any of the HDV, HD, 2K and 4K formats. See the entry form
  3. Films can be submitted to SAMAIFF digitally via WeTransfer link, or by providing the festival screening committee with access to a secure online VIMEO link.  You may also provide us with a private downloadable link from a secured server.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions for the file transfer, and And email to 
  5. To submit your film as a secure online VIMEO link: Please provide a SECURE online link to the film on the VIMEO website platform.  All appropriate passwords must be included on the entry form.  Please note:  Only VIMEO online screeners will be accepted.  Online link submissions should be emailed to 
  6. To submit your film via a private (secure and downloadable) on link:  Please provide a secure online like to the film screener download page.  All appropriate passwords must be included on the entry form.  Online link submissions and entry forms should be mailed to 7.ALL SUBMITTED PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS become the property of the Herat International Film Festival. These materials cannot be returned. By submitting this material and the release form, you acknowledge 6TH HIWFF’ right to copy any material for the festival’s non-commercial use only.


    You may upload multiple files at once (please zip larger files before upload).  You receive an automatic email confirmation when your film is successfully transferred or submitted.

    A completed entry form must be submitted with each project. Multiple submissions by the same director and/or Production Company are accepted, but each film must be accompanied by a separate completed form.

    The theme of the festival is "Women" and it highlights films either on women or made by women from around the world.

    The festival aims to attract audience from around the world to empower and celebrate women's voices.

    This 3-day-event sheds light upon the place of women in the world of cinema, on and behind the screen, through footage and via meetings, concerts, exhibitions and evening events.

    Filmmaker can submit their films via submission links bellow.

    Thank you for your support and solidarity.

    Please click on the links below for Entry Form:

    Film Entry Form